Monday, August 22, 2016

First Day of School 2016


School started today. If you missed my last post, you missed the big news- we're PARENTS! We temporarily adopted my niece.

The last 3 weeks have been a huge adjustment for us. In a good way, mostly. Hubs and I are having a lot of pain issues, but we aren't used to being so active. Either we'll keel over from the pain or our bodies will eventually get used to it.

Getting up at 5:30 to make sure the kidlet is on a bus by 7 is definitely a change of pace from our usual "sleep til 12" schedule, but it was a needed change. I can get a full day's work in and still be home in time to make dinner at a decent hour and bathe the kid. Although it takes time to adjust, I think it's good for all of us.

We are actually having to make 3 meals a day, and I think that has been the toughest. I'm never hungry in the AM, so having to actually set aside time to make food for the kidlet is unusual. I'll have to start making my breakfast smoothies again. She LOVES to cook dinner with me, and I've been teaching her basic skills, like how to cut things and stir. She's got some major work to go on the knife skills, but as long as she doesn't chop her fingers off, I can always go back and cut things the right way afterwards. She adores fried tofu, baba ganoush, hummus and every veggie on the planet. It's been fairly easy to feed her a mostly plant-based diet, which I'm experimenting with to see if it helps out with some of her issues. Don't worry, I'm watching her nutrient intake very carefully so she isn't missing anything.

She got her first library card when she moved in, and checks out the max number of books every week. We read them all before bed. Getting her in bed on time has been an experience, but we are getting better. Since she helps me cook, it takes FOREVER to make dinner lol, and our nightly schedule gets thrown off. Dinner prep is going to have to start earlier.

She told me last week that she gets headaches when she tries to force herself to sleep, so I put some peppermint oil on her forehead, and some insomnia oil too. She liked it so much that she now asks for it every night so she doesn't get a headache. This kid is smart!

With all of the "issues" she has had in the past, I was expecting to run into some problems. We haven't had any at all. We suspect now that part of the problem was being bullied by her twin sister. Although I do believe that she does still struggle with expressing emotions, and that might come out in school as she meets new kids and potentially runs into a bully. I'm not going to worry about that until it actually happens. Instead, we are going to focus on her love of yoga class, her desire to be a ballerina, and just being a happy little kid.

Alright, enough about G. :)

And for any CNBC friends of mine that read this, I'm doing my best to not be too crazy with my kid posts. I know that first day of school pics are rough, so I didn't post one. I did send it to her mom so she could post it, though lol.

Monday, August 1, 2016

This is a MAJOR life update.

Hubs and I did something CRAZY this week. We became parents.

Yes, you read that right. After the years of complaining that we will never be parents, things has changed. For at least a few months, anyway.

My niece, G, is a little crazy, like me. For not being biologically related, you sure wouldn't be able to tell by looking at her mental health evaluations. She has been diagnosed as high functioning autistic and manic depressive, which is the fancy new term for bipolar. We've tried just about everything, from meds to psych hospitals, and nothing has worked well. Then she made a grown up decision to ask her mom if she could live with someone else as an only child for a while, to see if it helps "make her better". The sad part of this? She's 7, and she knows that she really needs help. She has a lot of issues with expressing emotions and feelings with words, so she uses actions, like anger, to try and get her point across. Unfortunately her siblings don't understand this and makes things difficult.

Her mother and I decided that Hubs and I were probably the best people for her to live with while she's trying to learn coping skills to better manage her issues. What better place than with someone who had to learn how to manage the same issues? G already told her mom she was never moving back because she loves us so much lol, but we'll see in a few weeks when she realizes that I'm going to make her do her homework, just like her mother will.

She officially moved in last night. She'll be with us for at least one full school semester, then her mom and I will re-evaluate her to see if she's ready to go home or would benefit from staying the rest of the school year. She's got her own room and a toy box with her name on it! We went to the thrift shop to grab some sheets for her, and happened upon a hot pink rubbermaid tub previously owned and drawn on by a kid with the same name as G - she was SOOO excited!

It'll definitely be an adjustment, with changing sleeping schedules to accommodate school, learning to cook 3 meals a day again, and finding activities that will help her out with fine motor skills.

And Hubs has to learn that he can't sleep the day away, at least not until school starts :P

So wish us luck! I don't want to go crazier while trying to teach a crazy child how not to be crazy. :)