Tuesday, July 5, 2016

July 2016 Monthly Goals

Here was June's list -
- Keep up the 6 hour days - Mostly. 
- Work on/finish the freelance web design job now that the client has made some decisions - Worked, yes. 

- GET BACK TO YOGA. (This will be on my list until I succeed) - Nope
- Continue meal/batch prepping - Not really
- Keep taking my meds. - YES
- Do the Walk of Hope - YES!
- Do better at staying off oil - Ehhhh... Vegan junk food will be the death of me lol

- Clean my kitchen from top to bottom - nope
- Clean the living room, more particularly the zoo area, from top to bottom - nope
- Work another pet adoption event (that'll make 2 for the month!) - Yes!
- Have fun with my niece when she comes to visit! - Yes!
- Start working on next month's surprise :) - Yes!
- Finish reading the self-help books I rented from the library - Still reading

I'm so excited about the July surprise. Only 5 people actually know what's going on, and they are just as happy about it as Hubs and I are. But that's all I'm saying until it has happened and pictures are taken.

Health-wise I don't think June was that great. I did REALLY awesome for a week, lost 5 pounds, then got lazy and ate a roast beef sandwich. It was gross, so I guess that's a good thing. I definitely won't eat it again. Vegan is getting easier since animal products are starting to taste funny. Now that I know I can get good vegan from Pei Wei and Chipotle, it's a lot easier for me to stick to my guns when I don't have a pre-packed lunch. (Although I think I might need to cut back on the quantity of tofu I'm consuming) I'm still not cooking with any oil, so my only problem is snack food, like premade roasted chickpeas, or crispy peas. I need to try and make these in bulk with my dehydrator so I don't buy so much.
I haven't been working out, though, and that's still a problem. Hubs and I did do the 1 mile Walk of Hope, and that was good. I didn't die afterwards, so I could do that more often if it wasn't boiling outside.
I have been taking my anti-depressant again for a few weeks, and I can definitely feel the difference. I'm glad I went back on it.

I've got several freelance jobs with looming deadlines this month, and that makes me happy. Everything should be done fairly quickly, and I can put that money towards my ailing car. I'm glad I feel like I'm starting to back on track.

Here's July's list! It's short, but everything is really important and could greatly influence August's list.

- Increase workdays to 7-8 hours again (per boss' request)
- Get 2 freelance jobs finished and 1 started
- Continue towards starting work earlier in the day

- Batch cook at least twice

- Work an adoption event
- Get trained to be an adoption coordinator for our fave rescue group!
- Help Hubs get set up as a transport/training buddy for our rescue group!
- Finish planning and enjoy our surprise!
- Finish all the books I have checked out from the library and rent more
- Start planning the DFW PCOS Cysters September Run/Walk/Crawl