Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Super Late June 2016 Goals

It's halfway into June and I realized that I never did my monthly goal post. Better late than never! Seeing as how I have missed half of the month already, it'll probably be a shorter list.

Here was May's list:
- Keep up the 6+ hour days - mostly
- Host a Norwex party - nope
- Finish up a freelance web design job I picked up -no, had to wait for client. 

- GET BACK TO YOGA. - no. 
- Re-order the supplements I'm out of - Most of them
- Keep meal prepping - yep! I did pretty good last month

- Get office and spare bathroom cleaned up/organized for visiting family - YES! Even though that family never showed up.
- Go to 2 rock concerts! - YES! There was some crap surrounding one that caused some major emotional issues for Hubs and I, but we've changed our perspectives and moved on.
- Keep writing in my happiness journal - I stopped midway through the month and need to start again.
- Work an pet adoption event - No, it got cancelled. But there's always June!!!
- Keep reading my friend's novel - Haven't read much of it, need to read more!
- Read the books I checked out from the library - Yep!

So Hubs and I are pretty addicted to the library again. They have started offering adult board games, like Legendary, Pandemic, and Eldritch Horror. It's saving us money to rent them, and we can decide if we really like them before forking out the cash. We make sure to tell the librarians how awesome this new program is so they'll keep it going, and maybe even buy more games.

I have pretty much given up on attempting to sell Norwex. I'm just not good at the follow through I need, and I don't know anyone lol. I have a couple of people that have ordered, so I've helped some people, just not enough to try and keep it going as a business.


I decided at the beginning of June that I was ready to go back on an anti-depressant. When I went off of them last year, things in my life were fabulous. Since then, I have had some more health issues, lost a very important person (moved, not death), had major financial burdens pop up, and overall felt pretty crappy about my life and situation. I know that there's a lot I can do to make myself feel better, but I believe that if I have the meds helping my head a little bit, I can help myself even more.

- Keep up the 6 hour days
- Work on/finish the freelance web design job now that the client has made some decisions

- GET BACK TO YOGA. (This will be on my list until I succeed)
- Continue meal/batch prepping
- Keep taking my meds.
- Do the Walk of Hope
- Do better at staying off oil

- Clean my kitchen from top to bottom
- Clean the living room, more particularly the zoo area, from top to bottom
- Work another pet adoption event (that'll make 2 for the month!)
- Have fun with my niece when she comes to visit!
- Start working on next month's surprise :)
- Finish reading the self-help books I rented from the library