Friday, April 8, 2016

April Goal Checkin

I've been mostly working 6 hours a day. I had a 5 hour day, and I have taken a day off to deal with some family stuff. But I'm doing really good. I've been getting up earlier so I can get my hours in and be able to do other stuff afterwards.

I have not started my Mobile App Development course because of missing Monday. I will be getting the two lectures I missed done this weekend so I can start viewing the live lectures next week. My bosses have approved watching them at work, I just have to clock out. I'm glad I have awesome bosses. I've already got some ideas for app development, so it'll be cool to actually put this into practice. It will also come in handy at work, since we are building phone apps for our system.

I went to a "How to Make Your Own Kombucha" class Wednesday, and got my own batch brewed and "cooking" last night. Next Thursday I'll be able to flavor and package it up, then one more week before I can drink it. The last time I tried this, I was told that I needed to let it cook for a month, and that's way different than this class. But I've had Dr. B's tea on several occasions, and it's always awesome. Mom will be happy when this is done, because it'll be sweeter and less acidic than the stuff you can get in the store. My first batch will be two flavors. One is Black Currant Chia - to mimic my favorite Synergy brand flavor, and the second is Peach Ginger. I'm so excited to try this - 2 weeks is too long! But at the end of the first week, I should have two beautiful SCOBYs (the stuff that ferments the tea), and I can increase the amount I make. I'm hoping that Hubs will like this too and I can wean him off of some soda.

I've played more video games with Hubs this week than I have in the last few months. I know he's enjoying it, but I still hate the disappointment on his face when my hands can't function anymore and I have to stop.

I haven't watched as much tv, because I've been gone! It's hard to sit and watch tv when you are busy doing other stuff, so hopefully I can keep it that way. (Especially since Netflix is increasing their prices!)

I started proofreading that novel, too!

We went to the park Tuesday evening and walked 1.2 miles. Our favorite park just spent $3 million in renovations, which included a brand new walking path around the pond. It increased from .4 miles per lap to .6, and it's more even, so walking isn't quite as difficult. I used to only make one lap around, but I was able to push through the pain and get a second lap done. I was very proud of myself. We did stop to take pics of the ducklings- my favorite part of that park in the Spring. There were 2 sets, one with 19 babies and the other with 8.

I had planned on going to yoga last night since I missed it last week, but got distracted at home and didn't leave in time. I'm going again next week. No reason to get mad at myself, I just have to keep going.

I've also been taking my supplements regularly, but I haven't fixed my pill box yet. There are some additional supplements, like Vitamin D, that I really need to be taking. I just have to get that box organized!

I did some meal prep last night. I made a huge batch of "nacho cheese" sauce, then used some of it to make broccoli "cheese" soup. I'll need to make more rice or quinoa to go along with the soup, but that's easy. One of my bosses said the soup looked really tasty. Oh, it totally was :P

That's all the updates I have for now. I have a busy busy weekend, and hopefully I won't die on Monday because of it.

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