Monday, February 1, 2016

Another Month, Another List of Goals - Feb 2016 Edition

It's February! Damn. January went by really fast, and Feb will likely go faster, even if it has an extra day this year! So how did January go? Not half bad. I got a lot accomplished, even though they might not have been on the goal list. I didn't spend a ridiculous amount of money. I took Hubs to Mellow Mushroom so he would quit nagging me. I got a FitBit! My support group had the 2nd annual clothing swap and that went well too!

The fitbit story is great. I've wanted one for a while, but haven't been ready to fork out the money for what I felt was an overpriced pedometer. But surfing the facebook garage sale groups can prove beneficial. I managed to score 2 fitbits, with chargers and bands for $40. Yeah, I made sure to type that right. Other people wanted it before me, but when you have a husband that doesn't work, you can make him do things immediately that other people have to wait until after work to do. So when I told the seller that I could have the cash in her hand in less than 30 minutes, I won :P Hubs loves his. He thinks it's so cool to see how many steps he takes. He has started doing more physical activity just so his numbers will go up. I like it for the sleep tracking. It's interesting to see how bad I sleep in digital form. Hubs has always told me I toss and turn all night, but to actually see that the FitBit agrees is surprising. Anyways - I like this thing. So go me!

- Finish my Dyslexia Therapist Course (6 more modules to go) - YES YES YES!!! And I've already been helping people.
- Start and finish my Personal Nutrition diploma - My final exam is this week! 
- Pay for my Chemistry and Nutrition course to start in Feb - No. I paid for two other, unrelated courses instead.
- Have a couple over for dinner. - They cancelled on me :( But that's ok. I tried.
- Go out in public with a crowd - We went to the adult-only Social Science party at Perot Museum. It was pretty fun! We had some issues, mainly because taking my mom and husband somewhere like this together just doesn't work so well. But that's ok.
- YOGA YOGA YOGA. I have 6 classes already paid for, I just have to go! - I wasted one of my paid classes by forgetting to cancel my reservation. I still have not gone.
- Get my 2016 plan finished, with or without Hubs. - Sorta. I have a pretty hefty list of things I want to accomplish in my personal, work and non-profit lives.
- Sell some extra stuff in my continuing effort to clean the house. - Haven't sold anything, but did get rid of a ton of clothing! And I was given some more to donate last night.

What's the plan for February? Well, I started to challenges, so I have to make losing weight a focus this month. I have to lose at least 9.7 pounds to win. That's not too bad, and I can do it if I put my mind to it. The rest of the list isn't hard to do if I actually try.

- Complete my Personal Nutrition final
- Start and finish the Interior Design course so I can decorate an entire house in March
- Proofread a friend's new novel
- Set up some SMART goals and achieve them! I need to add more veggies in my diet, and add more physical activity!
- Do something fun for Valentine's
- Get the February newsletter out fast.
- Start the Couch to 5K program
- Get some more junk out of the house
- Put in at least 6 hour days every day at work
- Finish up the novel I've been reading for months
- Cut back on the amount of tv I watch
- Work on Spike's leash training (or lack thereof lol)
- Do something cool for my sister's level-up day!

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