Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November Goals

October goals were a bust. I'm starting to think that my list of goals should be things I don't want to do, so I can accomplish not doing things.

- Pay someone to clean my kitchen - NOPE
- Get kitchen organized - NOPE
- Go to yoga at least once - NOPE. Paid for the class, but didn't go.
- Work enough to not stress about next month's paycheck- OH HELL NO.
- Get some items listed for sale on eBay / garage sales- NOPE
- Work on eating healthier again - YES.
- Sit down with Hubs and make a plan to change things up over the next few months - NOPE. He thinks that nothing needs to change.
- Use the October 12x30 Cooking Challenge to focus on food - SORTA. I did 2 posts. That's better than none.
- Finish the review guides for my final exams - EHHHH... I finished one page of 5.
- Write up a proposal for custom appointment software at Mom's job - NOPE. Decided it wasn't worth my time because I know they can't and won't pay what I'm worth.

Honestly, I don't know what I did in October besides survive. Scratch that, Hubs and I did rearrange the office a second time so that both of our computers were in the same room. This also eliminated the ability to watch tv in bed since we were watching on Hubs' computer, and that helps my sleep. And we moved offices at work.

Let's try November's goals. Some of these are already in the works, so I might be successful this month.

- Finish Nutrition course final by Nov 15
- Start Dyslexia Therapist course on Nov 16
- Visit family for Thanksgiving
- Get most (if not all) handmade Xmas gifts completed
- Get the Christmas Card exchange lists out to all participants
- Get Christmas cards ready to mail
- Go to yoga at least once
- Reorganize closet with warm clothes up front

I think I can do this!