Friday, October 2, 2015

October Goals

So Sept was a partial bust. It came with a lot of stress and some big changes. My goals were pretty much thrown out the window. But I've made some heartbreaking decisions and I think that October will be better.

I have decided to temporarily stop all efforts on my support group/non-profit. I've been really stressed out about it, and I am making myself physically sick. So I'm probably not doing anything in regards to that group until the beginning of the new year. I need the next few months to focus on myself. It's going to be hard to give up the group, but I trust that my best friend can keep it afloat until I'm ready to try again.

I am glad that Hubs and I got the office rearranged. We moved our desks into the same room, along with our computers. That has solved the problem of my need for him to be in my personal bubble. We can be in the same room and do completely different things now! So he can play video games while I work. It will be of big help as I focus on school and work for the next few months. It also eliminates the ability to watch tv in bed, and I think that it a big step towards getting better sleep.

Here were September's goals:
- Finish rearranging the office - DONE!!!
- Start a batch of homemade kombucha - NO
- Pay someone to clean my kitchen - NO
- Complete all 3 miles at the PCOS Awareness Walk - NO. 11 people did, but I got super sick that weekend and didn't get to go.
- Create some more PCOS Awareness images for Facebook - YES
- Go to a yoga class at least once - NO
- Lost 5 pounds - NO
- Work enough to not stress about next month's paycheck - YES
- Get some items listed for sale on eBay - NO
- Start work on some handmade cards for etsy - NO
- Create 1+ shirt designs for CafePress - NO

A lot of October goals are recycled because they still need to get done. But I think that if I focus, I can get them done. And if I find ways to get Hubs involved, that helps too.

- Pay someone to clean my kitchen
- Get kitchen organized
- Go to yoga at least once
- Work enough to not stress about next month's paycheck
- Get some items listed for sale on eBay / garage sales
- Work on eating healthier again
- Sit down with Hubs and make a plan to change things up over the next few months
- Use the October 12x30 Cooking Challenge to focus on food
- Finish the review guides for my final exams
- Write up a proposal for custom appointment software at Mom's job

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  1. That's awesome that the new office arrangement is working well for you. And it's smart to step back from your non-profit commitment if it's so stressful. This time of year is stressful enough on its own without any added help.

    Good luck in October!