Friday, October 23, 2015

Funko Fridays: Funko Collections I Want to Complete

I've always collected items, though I'm not sure why. I love frogs and fairies. They started my collections. Then Hubs decided that he loved penguins. When we got married, penguins came up more and more because they mate for life. Hubs decided that I was his penguin, I was the only one he would ever want. So we started out penguin collection. That's harder than it may seem, because attempting to keep a year-long collection of penguins without looking like you forgot to take down your Christmas decor is almost impossible. But because I'm awesome, I've done pretty well.

Then we started watching Doctor Who. We were almost a decade late, but better now than never. I've always been a little bit of a geek. I love Star Trek and computers. But Doctor Who? That might just have managed to beat Star Trek on my favorite series list. Why? Because I'm watching the series for the third time and still not tired of it. And I want to see the classic series. We have a small collection of Doctor Who items, like posters that say "Bow Ties are Cool" and exploding Van Gogh Tardis puzzles. I've told my husband that if a man in a blue box ever asks me to travel the universe, I'm going. Could you imagine having that ability? To visit vast reaches of space and time, and still make it back home for dinner (although maybe a year late)? I'd jump at the chance.

Then those adorable little figures from Funko started making an appearance. Have you seen the Adipose one? The adipose episode is one of my all time favorites - who wouldn't love to lose weight by creating fat blob babies? I'd happily make 80 little snaggle-toothed marshmallows. If I was to start a Funko collection - it would have to be the Doctor Who set. I love the different available options, like The Big Bang Theory, X Files and Star Trek, but we'd show our Whovian sides first! There are 18 in the collection, and this is the one I want first!

***Edit: Hubs bought me my fat blob baby keychain for our anniversary!!!!***

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  1. I love the Adipose keychain! It's funny because Adipose is really the only one from the Doctor Who set of Funko that I don't have. I even have an SDCC exclusive Dalek Sec and a GameStop exclusive Evolving Dalek Sec! But no Adipose. lol And they are so cute! :D