Tuesday, October 27, 2015

What I learned from a raw vegan detox

Here it is, the end of the dang month, and I haven't made very many food posts. So much for doing a lot of #12x30Challenge posts.

But I did do something important this month. I tried a 7-day raw vegan detox. I've been wanting to do one for a while, but every one that I found used a TON of celery, and I hate celery. Plus, it's on my food sensitivity list, so it gives me an extra reason to hate the stuff. But this one I found from Gourmandelle didn't have much, so supplementing a few ingredients was easy. My mom and I tried it together. She didn't last as long as I did. The first few days weren't bad. I wasn't hungry between meals, and I didn't feel deprived at all. I actually couldn't eat as much as I was supposed to. The recipes made a ton of food. I was doing pretty good until day 5. That's when I broke down and went to Chipotle. At least I ate vegetarian, so that counts for something, right? Here's what I determined from trying this:
1) I ate way too much fruit and not enough protein - because I didn't eat nuts with breakfast like I was supposed to.
2) My body needs grains. It might not like gluten, but quinoa and brown rice are a-ok for me!
3) A raw lifestyle won't work for me.

I also gained two pounds - but I didn't weigh myself until after I ate a celebratory gluten free chocolate donut, so I'm not ruling out weight gain from that. However, my hands appear to be smaller, and my rings felt like they were going to fall off. So maybe I didn't lose any weight, but I did appear to lose some inflammation.

I'm going to keep going with my pursuit to eat healthy, and I'm getting much better about becoming a vegetarian, and maybe future vegan. (I'm considering a whole post on my thoughts about that...)

Saturday, October 24, 2015


Hubs and I took the twin 6-yr-old nieces (Princess and Namesake) to the Gluten Free Allergen Free Expo last weekend. It's one of my favorite events of the year - mainly because it's a cheap way to try expensive products before I buy them. For example - I love Rudi's GF bread, but hate Udi's. I wasted money trying Udi's because they weren't at the expo. I just bought it to try something different.

I knew the girls would love going from table to table getting free stuff (it's like Christmas!), and Princess has a dairy allergy. I wanted to be able to get lots of coupons for their mom and find tasty treats that won't send Princess to the hospital. I can't begin to explain how happy she was to try a cheese quesadilla made with Daiya slices. Speaking of Daiya, this was the first time I've tried it. I was afraid to pay the price and hate it, so I hadn't tried any non-dairy cheese yet. And wow, that was a tasty quesadilla!!! More Daiya cheese will be making it's way to our fridge at some point.

The Dallas Morning News had a prize wheel set up. What child can resist those? Well Namesake was with Hubs, spun first and landed on a prize she was too young to get, so they let her spin again. She won a t-shirt. Princess and I got up to the table and the guy realized we had twins. As she went to spin, he jokingly said "She better not land on a t-shirt. Twins can't have the same prizes." Of course, she landed on the t-shirt as well. I was pretty happy about it, because that meant no fighting over who got what. (Thank you!!!)

They also enjoyed meeting Dr. Derek and Dr. Bekah, who run Optimized Living Institute. They are into nutrition and functional medicine, and have been very helpful in the DFW PCOS Cysters group.

Their favorite part of the event was going around to every table to pick up coupons. Their mother and I have trained them well :) When we got home, we dumped everything out on the floor and started sorting between coupons, brochures, cookies, chips, etc. My living room was covered in free stuff. They had a lot of fun, and I'm glad.

Oh, and Enjoy Life had a photo booth! >>

Friday, October 23, 2015

Funko Fridays: Funko Collections I Want to Complete

I've always collected items, though I'm not sure why. I love frogs and fairies. They started my collections. Then Hubs decided that he loved penguins. When we got married, penguins came up more and more because they mate for life. Hubs decided that I was his penguin, I was the only one he would ever want. So we started out penguin collection. That's harder than it may seem, because attempting to keep a year-long collection of penguins without looking like you forgot to take down your Christmas decor is almost impossible. But because I'm awesome, I've done pretty well.

Then we started watching Doctor Who. We were almost a decade late, but better now than never. I've always been a little bit of a geek. I love Star Trek and computers. But Doctor Who? That might just have managed to beat Star Trek on my favorite series list. Why? Because I'm watching the series for the third time and still not tired of it. And I want to see the classic series. We have a small collection of Doctor Who items, like posters that say "Bow Ties are Cool" and exploding Van Gogh Tardis puzzles. I've told my husband that if a man in a blue box ever asks me to travel the universe, I'm going. Could you imagine having that ability? To visit vast reaches of space and time, and still make it back home for dinner (although maybe a year late)? I'd jump at the chance.

Then those adorable little figures from Funko started making an appearance. Have you seen the Adipose one? The adipose episode is one of my all time favorites - who wouldn't love to lose weight by creating fat blob babies? I'd happily make 80 little snaggle-toothed marshmallows. If I was to start a Funko collection - it would have to be the Doctor Who set. I love the different available options, like The Big Bang Theory, X Files and Star Trek, but we'd show our Whovian sides first! There are 18 in the collection, and this is the one I want first!

***Edit: Hubs bought me my fat blob baby keychain for our anniversary!!!!***

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Infertility in the real world

Today I'm irked. Let's talk about childlessness, again. Lately there have been more and more celebrities coming out as infertile, begging people to stop asking about when a couple is going to have kids. At first I was really excited, because it takes celebrities to get awareness these days. Of course, this all changed when I read today that Chrissy Teagan and John Legend are expecting. Less than a month ago, she was telling people to stop asking, and now she's pregnant. So it's pretty likely that she was already pregnant, but keeping it a secret at that time. How the heck does that help spread awareness about infertility?

If anything, it shows that people don't want to talk about something they are fighting through until they have beaten the odds. As a fully-fledged member of the Childless Not By Choice club, this really pisses me off. We don't get to "overcome" childlessness. This is a forever deal. We don't get to "relax and it will happen." We don't get to "just keep trying." We are stuck as outsiders - those people who don't understand real life or true love because we can't have kids. Oh, that "true love" shit pisses me off too. I can't tell you how many times I've seen stupid posts on facebook about how being a mother is the best thing in the world, and that you haven't really known love until you had a child of your own. Seriously? Most people don't realize or are completely unaware that some of the things they say can really hurt others. I know this sounds like a case of #butthurt, but really? The true love comments essentially condemn childless men and women to a life of less love. We're told that we aren't worth true love because we are unable to have kids - no matter what the reason. I could have 15 nieces and nephews that love me more than their mother, but I don't know true love. I could be married to my soul mate, but I don't know true love. I had a step-son that started calling me mom before his own mother, but I don't know true love. See how shitty that one true love comment becomes?

I could curse the person responsible every day for being the reason my husband can't have kids. I could also attempt to cheat on my husband to get pregnant. He wouldn't care - because he'd finally be a father. That's how desperate some people are to start a family. We are looked down upon because we have no offspring. We have been told by adoption agencies that a stay-at-home father looks like a child molester in the making. I have been told that because I'm depressed (partially because of not being a mom) and bipolar, that I can't adopt. We've been told that because we use mobility aids, we can't adopt. We've been told that because we aren't Christian, we can't adopt. Yes, I realize that that there are ways around this. We don't have to use an adoption agency to adopt. But we have to find someone willing to give up their child. We could try in-vitro fertilization, if I got someone else's sperm and the $10-20k per attempt to get pregnant. Some people can foster, and I admire them. We can't do that, for a lot of the same reasons that we can't adopt. At this moment, and for the foreseeable future, our childlessness is guaranteed. Maybe we'll come into a windfall of money in the future and be able to have kids then. Maybe. Maybe.

I'm so sick of the "Don't give up hope" comments too. What hope is there for us? There are hundreds of people in the childless groups I'm in that really, truly deserve to be parents. They didn't give up hope until there was no hope left to give. When menopause set in, cancer forced a hysterectomy, IVF didn't work, life didn't go as planned.... The list goes on. No, I'm not 30 yet. I could have 15 more years to try and get pregnant. There might be a tiny chance that life changes and we somehow manage to have children. And at that point in my life, I'll remember how painful it was to be told that I wasn't worth life because I wasn't a mom. That I didn't matter because I didn't raise a child. And I won't say non-mothers don't understand true love. Because the love we have for the child that will never be can't compare to the love a mother has for her children. You get to see a physical manifestation of love. We can only dream of ours.

So when you look at your children, remember how lucky you are that you have them. There are millions of people all over the world that would give up everything to be a parent. We exist too.

Yes, I'm a little frustrated today, and I needed to vent.

Friday, October 2, 2015

October Goals

So Sept was a partial bust. It came with a lot of stress and some big changes. My goals were pretty much thrown out the window. But I've made some heartbreaking decisions and I think that October will be better.

I have decided to temporarily stop all efforts on my support group/non-profit. I've been really stressed out about it, and I am making myself physically sick. So I'm probably not doing anything in regards to that group until the beginning of the new year. I need the next few months to focus on myself. It's going to be hard to give up the group, but I trust that my best friend can keep it afloat until I'm ready to try again.

I am glad that Hubs and I got the office rearranged. We moved our desks into the same room, along with our computers. That has solved the problem of my need for him to be in my personal bubble. We can be in the same room and do completely different things now! So he can play video games while I work. It will be of big help as I focus on school and work for the next few months. It also eliminates the ability to watch tv in bed, and I think that it a big step towards getting better sleep.

Here were September's goals:
- Finish rearranging the office - DONE!!!
- Start a batch of homemade kombucha - NO
- Pay someone to clean my kitchen - NO
- Complete all 3 miles at the PCOS Awareness Walk - NO. 11 people did, but I got super sick that weekend and didn't get to go.
- Create some more PCOS Awareness images for Facebook - YES
- Go to a yoga class at least once - NO
- Lost 5 pounds - NO
- Work enough to not stress about next month's paycheck - YES
- Get some items listed for sale on eBay - NO
- Start work on some handmade cards for etsy - NO
- Create 1+ shirt designs for CafePress - NO

A lot of October goals are recycled because they still need to get done. But I think that if I focus, I can get them done. And if I find ways to get Hubs involved, that helps too.

- Pay someone to clean my kitchen
- Get kitchen organized
- Go to yoga at least once
- Work enough to not stress about next month's paycheck
- Get some items listed for sale on eBay / garage sales
- Work on eating healthier again
- Sit down with Hubs and make a plan to change things up over the next few months
- Use the October 12x30 Cooking Challenge to focus on food
- Finish the review guides for my final exams
- Write up a proposal for custom appointment software at Mom's job