Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Music on my Calendar

Sometimes you just have to plan for the future, even if you have no idea how you'll feel when you get there. This year, my planning has been for concerts! I love going to concerts. It's one of Hubs and I's favorite activities.

For about a decade now, I haven't been a big fan of crowds. Can't stand them. Freaks me out and I get a little panicy. When I went to my first major rock concert, I felt the same way. I had never been to Gexa Energy Pavilion (it has been so many names over the years), a large outdoor concert venue in Dallas. And I chose a fairly large concert for my first one there, so I was pretty anxious on my way over there. Add Hubs' frustration with driving around Dallas, and I was freaking out before we ever hit the parking lot. But anywho, once we finally got inside and picked a spot on the lawn, I realized it really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. There was plenty of room around me so I didn't feel cramped and claustrophobic. After that concert, I was hooked. Now I've seen my favorite band, Korn, twice, and hopefully a third time later this year. I've seen Saving Abel, Nickelback, Slipknot, Creed, Rob Zombie, and a bunch of other bands!

So this year I've been stocking up on concert tickets through presales and Groupons. I'm so excited about this year's selected concerts, because it won't be just Hubs and I attending. Since we've got the Roomie now, he's going with us to all of them as well! It costs a little more when I'm buying tickets for 3 people, but it'll be a ton of fun.

Who are we seeing (so far)?
Mid-May: ArcAttack!!! These guys were on America's Got Talent a few years ago, and I fell in love. I promised myself I would see them if I had the chance, and at $13 a ticket, heck yeah I will!
End of May: Rob Zombie, Halestorm, The Pretty Reckless and Breaking Benjamin. I've seen Rob Zombie once, but we got there late and only saw the end of his set, so I have to go again! And two of the best chick rock bands out there? My idols! If I was hot and had musically inclined friends, Lizzy Hale would have some competition.
Mid-July: Smashing Pumpkins and Marilyn Manson :) Because I can't live my life without at least one Manson concert.
September: Slipknot and Lamb of God. We saw Slipknot on Halloween last year, but I left early. I didn't stay to listen to my favorite songs. And LOG is an old friend's favorite band, so maybe, just maybe, I'll get to see him and his wife.


Here's ArcAttack doing the Doctor Who theme song.

Oh, and if you haven't noticed, I changed my blog again. I was bored, and decided I didn't like the pink anymore. So I went with frogs. I'm addicted to frogs, so it made sense.

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