Thursday, March 12, 2015

Happy birthday to me!

I'm 27 now. Half my mom's age. My mom looks at least 10 years younger than she really is, but I look like my dad, so I probably got screwed. My little sister takes after the right side of the family, so she'll be drop dead gorgeous all her life. That figures lol. But I'm slowly losing weight, and maybe I'll be super hot when I get skinny too.

But that's not the reason for this post. I wanted to write about how happy I am. I know that I talk a lot about the crap going on, and I figured, with the new age, I should remind myself of what makes me happy. I feel unhappy a lot, but when I think about these things, I can't help but smile.

- I'm married to a great man that wants to make sure I'm always cared for, satisfied and happy.
- I live with two awesome guys that love to make me happy - or torture me.
- I have a great job that is super flexible and allows me to work from home when needed.
- My family is healthy, so I don't have to worry about anyone dying anytime soon.
- I have the sweetest, cuddliest dog ever.
- I have a great apartment, with a big kitchen and comfy bed.
- I have a working vehicle to get me around
- I am the founder of a huge local support group. We hit 175 members this week!

So things are good right now. And I'm working on making them better. I'm bow looking forward to 27.

Monday, March 9, 2015

It's birthday time again.

Well, it's that time of year again. My birthday. Usually I don't focus too much on it. It's just a reminder that I'm a year older and still not where I wanted to be. But I'm looking at it a little differently this year, I guess.

So how was the 26th year of my life? Not too shabby. We did move into the smaller apartment, and I was starting to save to move into a house. I started new meds which seemed to bring a sense of normalcy to life. I discovered painting classes, and have started to fill my walls with art. We made a new friend in a neighbor. Hubs and I made a drastic change in our relationship that has turned our world upside down for the better. Instead of moving into a house, we joined forces with our neighbor and got a bigger apartment! We saw some great concerts and celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. I became vegetarian for a while, and really enjoyed it. I plan to go back.

Now, as I sit here, 2 days from my 27th birthday, I wonder what the year will bring. 30 seems to be coming faster, and I wonder if I've been enjoying my 20s to the full extent I should have. I don't think so. The first couple of years that Hubs and I were together, we spent a lot of time out having fun. Then I got depressed and it stopped. I'm getting back to normal, and we've been having more fun. We're getting back to the happy people we used to be, which is nice. So maybe I'll make up for some bad years with a good year this time around. I've got my six flags membership, several concerts on the wish list, symphony tickets, and plans for the Ren Faire.

I started making a change today that'll get me more hours at work, so I can get back to full time. I've been struggling with working enough hours, but I'm changing my sleep schedule so I have more hours in the day to actually get crap done.

My goals for the year:
- Get my driver's license back
- Lose some weight
- Enjoy myself

Nothing too major expectation-wise. I just want this year to be a good year.