Friday, September 12, 2014

Big news!


Tonight I bought an essential oil blend. I've done some research and read blogger reviews and comparisons and such. I picked a company, then decided which 1 single oil blend I wanted to try first. Originally I had 10 in my cart and almost had a heart attack when I saw the total. Basing my decision off the need in our family, I picked a pain relieving oil for my fibro and Hubs' leg. The one I picked also had a PCOS-related benefit, so the choice was a no-brainer. I plan to use it for a month, or the end of the bottle, whichever comes first. I bought a 15ml bottle to make sure I wouldn't run out soon.

Now I don't know the first thing about using essential oils. When I first started looking at it, and reading about the wholesale/MLM kits from some companies, I was a little overwhelmed. I was looking at a box full of oils, but how would I know what to mix? I wouldn't, not yet at least. (more details on that in a minute!) So a friend that sells oils invited me to an Essential Oils 101 class. I'm planning on going, because free knowledge about this would be very helpful. I know that oils are so much better for me than all the meds I am taking, and I'm working towards being as natural as possible.

I know I haven't given you any brand names. This is because I don't want to recommend anything by any company I haven't yet tried. Those will come later.

And my really exciting news - I'm back in school! Woohoo! The plan is to complete an Associates degree in Natural Health Studies. Maybe even go further than that, but I'm taking it nice and easy. I have a few reasons why I want to do this.

  1. I love school. Really, I do.
  2. I want to learn how to take care of myself without prescription medicine. I want to eat healthy, know how my body works, and what I can do to fix it.
  3. I'm the founder of a PCOS support group, and as an advocate of natural health, I thought it would be sweet to officially say that there is a Natural Health Practitioner on full-time staff! I'm excited. The ladies in the group are excited.

My first class is Anatomy and Physiology. I ordered my books today. I'm looking forward to what I'll be learning. I'll be taking classes in herbology and essential oils, mental health, healing foods, and even health care for animals. I'm going to learn how to better take care of my zoo, too!!!

Isn't it obvious that I'm a little bit excited? I'm going to go study now.

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