Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Life updates for July

I've been so busy with work, side projects and the support group lately that I haven't blogged about myself. That's not necessarily a bad thing. If I'm focused on a lot of stuff, it means my meds are working. I certainly can't disagree with that. So what am I working on?

- Well, work is work. I never run out of things to do there.
- I've got a project proposal to write up for a side gig.
- Support group - fundraising, getting items added to the website to sell, getting promotional items out, prepping for the nutritionist presentation next month.

Hub rearranged the living room last night. I was so excited! We have a lot more floor space and a place to put my desk so I can start working on more projects and side gigs. It can't hurt to make some more money. We will continue working on the room tonight - getting some stuff unpacked, consolidating boxes, etc. Soon I should be able to set up my home gym permanently. I figure if I see it I'll use it. It worked last time I had it out of the closet.

Lucy on left, Sally on right
We brought 2 guinea pigs home about a week ago. One of my best friend's pigs was preggo when she brought her home. She had a hunch she was preggo, but wasn't sure until the two cute little babies showed up. In attempts to downsize, she asked if we wanted one. Of course we almost never turn down an opportunity to adopt into our zoo. We went to visit and Hubs couldn't choose just one, so we brought both babies home. They are long-haired and friggin' adorable. They came with names from my nieces and nephews - Sally (now Mustang Sally) and Lucy (now Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds). Yesterday, my bestie asked if we could take the two she still has for a while. Apparently some landlords want pet deposits on caged animals too. Honestly I think that's ridiculous, but they are allowed to do it. Hubs is happy because we get to keep the male pig, Fred. He's a lazy, carefree guinea pig.

My grandfather called me and told me to get my life together again... I had borrowed money from my grandmother and gave her a check to cash after I got paid. Then I called her and told her I was paid so she could deposit it. A week later my grandfather calls, tells me I need to get my life together, and says he's wants to deposit the check. Ugh. I told him I didn't care what he did because I told my grandmother that she could cash them a week ago. The forgetfulness of my grandparents is getting worse every day. How do you tell if you need to worry about Alzheimer's instead of general old age senility?  He's still mad that we have our furry and fluffy children. We're supposed to get rid of them because we have to buy them food. I'm sorry, but that's like getting rid of a human child because you lost your job. These are my children.

The support group had a meetup last weekend - Jewelry in July. The ladies made bracelets! They took one for themselves, and all the others will be sold on our website soon. We've got a really big event in August that I am really excited about. We have arranged for a local nutritionist to give a 1 hour, FREE presentation about managing PCOS naturally. We'll be providing the presentation online in some form, but I'm not quite sure what yet. The flyer is below, in case you want to go, or want to advertise it to your friends!

I think that's plenty of updates for now.

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