Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Concerts and Roller Coasters!

Since we moved to our smaller apartment, I've been experimenting with activities Hubs and I can enjoy. We already started with concerts. We've been to more this year than we have since we've been together!
97.1 BFD 2014 - Theory of a Deadman, who happens to sing one of my theme-songs, along with a bunch of other bands like The Pretty Reckless, Five Finger Death Punch and Killswitch Engage.
Motley Crue's final tour - I just knew I couldn't pass up this concert. I had a cat named Motley and a dog named Crue. It was an epic concert! I've never seen that many people at Gexa before. And Alice Cooper performed too!
Mayhem Fest - it's only a week and a half away, and it has my all-time favorite band, Korn, performing with Avenged Sevenfold and others! This will make Korn concert #2 for me. Hubs has been to several. I've got to dig out my Korn outfit!

Two weeks ago, I went to Six Flags' website to check out the season pass prices. I found out that last year they started memberships. It costs more than a single season pass, but it's cheaper monthly. We pay $7.25 per person, and then I ordered a membership meal pass for like $8.60. Total we pay about $34 a month to go to Six Flags as much as we want, eat free food at every visit, and free parking. We've been 4 times already! I work really close to it, so when I don't feel like cooking, I head to Six Flags for dinner hahaha. The food is huge! Hubs and I had to buy a bag to carry leftovers! After we eat, we ride a few rides, then go home. I think I've been more times this month than I have in my life. I also count each trip as exercise - it's a long walk from the parking lot to whichever restaurant we want to eat at. Then there's all the walking around the park. Last week my feet weren't too happy, but yesterday I only had to complain about my feet once! I know that a lot of the food at Six Flags isn't that great for me, so I try to make up for it with all the walking and healthier eating when I'm not there.

Speaking of rides, I only waited in line for 10 minutes at Mr. Freeze. Its been years since I have been on it, and the lines were always long. Last night the park wasn't too busy because it rained earlier in the day. I decided to drag Hubs to the ride to check the line and it was so short! I was so excited to get to ride Mr. Freeze again! And it was backwards this time :) Hubs didn't want to ride, so he waited in line with me like he always does, then heads for the exit when it's my turn. He got out of the building just in time to see me ride. Apparently I have a unique scream and he can always identify me by it lol. I realize that a lot of you don't live in Texas and have no idea what I'm talking about, so here's a picture! Yes, that is straight up, 218 yards, and the ride is backwards so you are looking down as you drop. And it goes from 0 to 70 in less than 3.6 seconds. The video below is the full ride! I'm pretty convinced that Mr Freeze is my favorite coaster, followed by Titan, which Hubs won't ride either. Oh well.

Tonight we are going bowling with a friend - I'll likely be more focused on the adorable red-headed baby he has, but he knows I can't help it lol.

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