Thursday, May 22, 2014

My PCOS group is movin' on up!

In the last several years of running a support group, I've brainstorm ideas to spread awareness of our group and cause. What good is a support group if you can't find it?

- I've thought about flyers and brochures at doctor's offices, but ease of distribution was the issue. I didn't want to have to send people into Dr. offices and ask if they didn't mind putting up flyers. But yesterday I figured out the solution. Get a ton of free business cards, give them to all the girls in the group, and let them hand out cards to anyone and everyone they feel would benefit - including asking their doctor to leave a stack of cards for other patients. Quick, simple, and it doesn't require printing a bunch of flyers. I can get 250 cards free on, which is exactly what I am going to do! I created several options and posted photos in our group to let them decide which one is the best. I love the choice made! I've been buying stuff from VistaPrint for years - anything from business cards to keychains, sticky notes to car magnets. They have a little bit of everything, and even have great personalized holiday items. They continue to be one of my favorite websites to buy from!

- I also finally decided to set up an email address for the group as well. I can use it in lots of places to advertise. I'll be adding it to the new cards as well. I've waited a while because I wanted to make sure I had time to respond quickly. But now that I have have two additional admins, it was time to get it up and running. All the admins have access to it so we shouldn't have any issues with response times.

I'm really proud of our little group - all 63 of us! I was ecstatic just to see our membership hit 10, let alone 60! I'd love to keep it growing because with more people, we could do so much more!

We'll be getting together to paint this weekend for our monthly meetup. Can't wait to post some pictures!

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