Monday, April 28, 2014

Life Changes update

The move this weekend was exhausting. I was running on no sleep, Hubs was fighting with Mom, and nothing was packed. The packing is definitely my fault. I knew that there would be some arguing, but I determined that I will never leave my Mom and Hubs together to accomplish a big task without being there myself. The same thing happens every time, and although I can multitask, trying to get two people to stop arguing while I'm miles away is ridiculous.

We have the basics in the apartment at the moment, and will be packing more over the next week to take to storage or the new place. But since we "moved in" on Saturday, I've had this feeling of dread that we are staying in a hotel for a few days, then going right back to the townhouse. I know it's irrational, but I just can't get it to go away. Hubs has been trying really hard to remind me that we are at home in our new place. I hope it'll go away when we turn the keys in next week.

Spike is a little weary of the new place. He won't go into the kitchen. We're not sure of his reasoning, but we had to move his water bowl out of the kitchen in order to keep him hydrated. He also doesn't like how many people he can hear through the walls. He's only really known one place, and everyone was pretty quiet. I know he needs time to adjust like I do.

On top of the move, Hubs has to get a wisdom tooth removed. It was scheduled for this Wednesday, until he decided to get sick. We had to reschedule to the end of next week. I hope he can handle the pain for another week. I'm not going to try to find another surgeon because of how cheap this one will be. When I had a consultation with a different surgeon a few years ago, it was going to cost over $900 to remove a tooth. With this doc, we're only paying $277. When I've got the extra cash, I'll be heading to the surgeon to get one of my teeth removed as well.

I think that's pretty much everything important lately.

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