Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April's Goals!

Goals, Goals, Goals.... It's time for my April Goals! But a recap of March first.....

March Goals:
- Work an average of at least 6 hours a day so we can save up for our move at the end of April - Sorta. I've been doing 5-8 hour days, depending on how my body feels.
- Find a place to move to. - We did! It's an efficiency halfway closer to work!
- Make something healthy and yummy for this month's PCOS group meetup - a picnic potluck! - It got cancelled due to weather. 
- Start working out again. - Ugh, no. No excuses, just lazy.
- Continue the slow changes in my diet for success - I've been eating better and worse.
- Visit my bestie - We did! Went to see one of my nieces play in her first t-ball game!
- Take Hubs outside city limits so he can set off fireworks for his birthday - No, we sat at home, and didn't really do much. 
- Completely ignore my 26th birthday. That was easy. I didn't do anything because I wasn't really excited about it.
- Start packing for the move - Does one box count as packing? I'm going to say yes, and make it a goal for April too.
- And there are sooooo many birthdays! - Got to spend time with my dad and sister finally.

Overall I did pretty well, so I'm satisfied!

April - This is going to be a pretty long list of things, but I'm certain most will get finished, because they have to lol.

- Organize and decide what large items will be making the move
- Finish packing everything
- Start taking things we won't be moving into the new apartment to storage unit
- Surprise my niece at another t-ball game
- Continue to increase my usual work hours
- Clean and repair any issues that could lessen our returned security deposit
- Get rid of all the crap in the pantry

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