Wednesday, March 5, 2014

We're moving!

Sometimes random things fall right in place. We've been discussing moving out of our current apartment because we are just tired of living there. I immediately decided that I wanted to move to Springtown and get a big double-wide on at least an acre of land. (I have no problem with being considered white trash because I want a mobile home!) So we started looking and we've found some great options. The only issue was having all the money for deposits and the actual move. Hubs and I have poured over all our options.

Option 1) Find a house in Springtown.
Option 2) Find a house in our current area.
Option 3) Get a different apartment in our area. For this option, we'd stick everything in storage and find an efficiency/studio, maybe even a one bedroom dependent on the price.
Option 4) Stay in out current apt for another year and save up money. I REALLY don't want to stay where we are.
Option 5) Stick everything in storage and stay in a long-term hotel.

I started looking at studios/efficiencies today, for option 3. Within 20 minutes I found an efficiency in a great location, within our budget, and......... available when we need to move out! Even better - the complex is owned by the same company that owns our current place. Since we have lived there for over a year, our security deposits get waived! Yay!!! It'll be perfect. It'll be so small that we will have a super tiny electric bill instead of our current hefty ones from having two air conditioners. Last time I lived in an efficiency, my electric bill was never over $25. In the summer and winter, our average bills is 10x that amount. And we won't have to take much to the new place, because we never have anyone over anymore. We'll just need our bed, clothes, computer, tv and kitchen stuff. Everything else is going into storage. I've volunteered my brother-in-law to help pack over the next month so we have everything in storage long before we need to. It'll make life so much easier.

I'm excited. This is all going to work out, and by the end of the year we will have a place in the country, and chickens and goats :)

In other happy news, I got to talk to my nieces over the phone last night. I haven't seen them since they were babies, so to learn that they asked to talk to me made me feel special. We talked about school, t-ball, cheer-leading and the animals we wanted to have. Last night, before bed, Madi told her mom to remind me that I must go to her t-ball games :) I can't wait to hang out with the little munchkins again.

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