Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Thoughts about moving...

I've been thinking about this move a lot. It's literally the most impulsive thing we've ever done. Everytime we have moved in the past, it's been to bigger apartments. Now we are moving to an efficiency! Part of me is so excited about the total life change. It's not moving across country like some other people have done, but it's still a change of scenery. I realized a couple of days ago that because we will be in a different town, I'll be able to get the resident pricing at the recreation center! That way I can walk on a track no matter what the weather. I need to get back into that and this will help a lot! The complex jacuzzi is just outside our apt too, so I'll be in that all the friggin' time. I can never get the bath water hot enough, so a jacuzzi will rock.

We picked up the keys to the storage unit last weekend. The company we picked was the cheapest in the area, but the facilities sparkled. It was so clean, and the on-site manager is super friendly. I rented a 10x10, which ended up being 2 5x10s next to each other. It's kinda cool because I can put all the furniture in one and all the boxes in another. We also got to rent a moving truck for free from them - that is great. We can load everything up in one trip on the day we actually move.

I guess what I've really been thinking about is if this is going to be a good change or not. I'm pretty excited about it, but I'm also completely freaked out. I know it's a good thing. We'll be cutting down on the gas used to get to and from work. The electric bill, as well as the rent, will drop. Monetarily this is a ridiculously good idea. We can save up more money - that in itself is the primary reason for doing this. And it's not like we are really losing a lot of space. Our current 2 bed townhome is only 880 sq feet, and the new place is 598 sq feet.

So what am I freaking out about? Hell if I know. Maybe it's just typical stress and anxiety. Maybe it's just because I hate moving. I lived in a 300sq foot efficiency right out of high school. I even lived there for the first few months of my first marriage. We were happy then. We got to spend our money on fun things like date nights. And we shared a twin bed. If I can live in that tiny apartment with my ex-husband, then this should be a cakewalk. We don't have anyone over anymore, so that's not a concern. And there will be plenty of floor space to lay out an air mattress if necessary. We aren't taking much furniture - just the bed, dresser, barstools and dining table. Literally everything else is going in storage. We've got a small list of the clothes and necessities to take. I'm significantly more prepared for this move than I have been for any others.

So this stupid feeling in the pit of my stomach needs to go the hell away. I need to stop analysing this decision. I've already made it, it's happening, and I'm not going to stop. It's a step towards a more satisfactory future. If I don't force myself to do something like this, I'll nver do it. And I'm tired of being unhappy. As long as I don't make any changes, I'll continue being unhappy.

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