Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Me? A Life Coach?

I took a quiz today called 'Should You be a Life Coach?' I did it more for entertainment than anything else. I've given out loads of great advice over the years, and I've probably got plenty of people to back me up. I can't get my own damn life straight, but helping other people is easy. My mom has always felt the same way in regards to organization. We can get other people completely organized, but can't figure out how to do it for ourselves. We're like hoarders trying to stop other hoarders from hoarding. (If I think about it long enough I could add more 'hoarding' to that sentence!)

I've given free advice since high school. Topics from boyfriends to homework were typical. After graduation came the more important topics, like 'How the hell am I going to make it as an adult?' And I've been there, an open ear, always free.

Anyways, the quiz said I really should be a life coach. But if I followed through with it, got certifications to make myself look better, and launched a side business, what happens when my advice backfires? (It never has before, because I'm so awesome, but there's always that chance... **grin**) I know I'm cocky, but you start to get that way when you watch every piece of advice you've given work out in one way or another. Even when people don't take my advice, I watch them come back and say 'I should have listened to your advice'.

But would I ever feel right charging for my advice? I feel like I should be like Lucy from Charlie Brown and charge 5 cents. I'd certainly never make any money on it, but I'd get a lot of business!

If I was to do something like this, I'd start with women fighting PCOS. That was the original point of this blog anyway, until I started getting more personal. I didn't think I should be giving out advice about PCOS when I wasn't following it anymore. Maybe this is something to consider in the future, extra cash after we move to the country and I figure out the next decade or so of my life. It could be chicken coop money haha.

Speaking of chickens, I've got another post to write about my hopes and dreams for next year!

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