Saturday, March 29, 2014

Blogmopolitan Quizzes!

I was reading through Angie's My So-Called Chaos blog this week and saw these quizzes. She found them on Erin's blog, Two Thirds Hazel. I always love to find quizzes like these. Remember when us 20-somethings were in school and had Xanga accounts? We'd do all these silly quizzes about who we were, and of course we were pre-teens and teenagers, so our answers would probably not look to great on us now. But I could go on about that forever hahaha, so I'm just going to stick to showing off my answers!

You might have to click on the pic to blow it up. They are a little bigger than my new layout can handle. And I hope you can read the font I picked out. I love it. Have fun reading! If you want to do your own, Erin has the images available for download. Just open them in paint and type in your answers! Image 1 and Image 2

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