Monday, February 3, 2014

Life and Exercise Recap Day 19-24 #GiveIt100

I almost want to start over at day 1. I didn't really do any exercise at all. Yesterday, day 24, Hubs and I spent most of the day cleaning and organizing the house because the annual inspections for our complex are today and tomorrow. It's the one time of year that I know the house will get cleaned, because of the potential for management to enter our home. I felt really good about getting it done. We went to the thrift store with Mom last Friday to buy a bunch of containers to put my bulk items in, like oatmeal, quinoa and sugar. Somehow we managed to get just the right size on a few of them - my large oatmeal container is filled to the very top, but it held the whole bag. I'm really happy to have fewer bags all over the place. I think it will help me stay organized and a little cleaner. I've got other containers from Homemade Gourmet pantry staples that I'm going to use for the smaller bags of flours, since HMG doesn't exist anymore. They fit great into one of the shelves, but I'm going to have to reorganize the cabinets for better access and storage. That's a project for another day. If I had started on all this Saturday, I'd probably have more organized by now. But Hubs and I, and even the dog, just felt like crap Saturday. We spent the day on the couch, with Spike asleep in my lap. He doesn't normally do that. And he looked so sad. Sunday we were back to functioning.

Hubs worked on the dining room. It was pretty full of boxes so we only had a small walk space to get in the house. He went through all the boxes, getting rid of trash, unpacking things to put in the bookcases, and consolidating other boxes. He cleared out half of the dining room. Spike doesn't know what to do with all the extra space.

I've still got a ways to go in the organization department, but we're getting better.

Anyways, back to the recap. I didn't do any exercise. But I'm going to start over again tonight. It's the first work day of the month, so I can work a little less than necessary, giving myself a chance to get back on track at home.

My local PCOS group is finally making shirts! I made 9 designs as options, and it looks like we finally decided on this one >>>
I love it, and can't wait to wear it. I just need my paycheck to get here so I can order mine!

Well, I think that's enough of a recap for now.

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