Thursday, January 2, 2014

My 2014 'I Want's

I've already talked about my New Year's resolution... I also decided that I want to make an 'I Want' list for the year. These are things that I hope to incorporate into my life as part of the 'Be a Happier Me' resolution. These are by no means requirements to satisfy my goal. They are simply things that I'd like to see in my life. They do not determine whether I pass or fail. The Happify program I'm a part of has me do tasks like this - Visualizing what success would look like, what I'm doing, what I'm not doing, etc. A lot of them are new habits that I want to form, and I think making a list, printing them out, and posting them all over the house might help just a little :)

I Want to...

... drink a glass of apple cider vinegar and lemon water every morning
... do my oil-pulling every morning
... spend more quality time with Hubs
... find a workout routine that I enjoy
... work out at least 3 times a week
... practice at least 15 min of yoga every day
... eat dinner at the dinner table
... take walks with Spike
... start cooking much more often. I love it so much.
... find new friends to spend time with
... shop at the local farmer's market at least once a month
... start eating mindfully
... start eating seasonally
... get a better night's sleep
... spend more time with family
... spend less time in front of the television.
... do dishes after dinner
... waste less food
... start saving money
... stop buying unnecessary junk
... drink more water every day
... meditate, meditate, meditate
... take all my medications and supplements every day
... get at least 10 minutes of sunshine a day
... work full-time hours at work
... write out what I'm grateful for at least once a week
... start singing again
... plant a small herb and veggie garden
... take a course in something fun, like cake decorating or conversational french
... go on weekend mini vacations
... get my drivers license back
... start using more recipes from my favorite bloggers

What new habits do you want to make this year?

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