Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Day 7-12 Recap #GiveIt100

I've been really busy the last week. The last day I discussed was Day 5(6) - Jan 15th. It's been an entire week since then! I've decided to start ignoring the count of official days, so no more 5(6)ish days.

Day 7 - The basic 15 min yoga and some games on the wii.

Day 8 - I took off work to help out my grandmother. I decided to take the time to start sorting through boxes in her garage. Half of them are mine and the other half are my mom's. We got a decent chunk out. My mom purchased a garage sale permit, so we would sell stuff we didn't want whenever someone drove by.

Day 9 - This was the official garage sale day! We were raising money for a friend's son. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 6 months, and was diagnosed with a rare and terminal liver cancer last fall, at 13 yrs old. It's a cancer that they don't usually see unless you are from overseas and over 50 yrs old. We ended up raising $115 towards his medical bills.

I also got to hang out with an adorable little 5 month old munchkin. We played dress up and used her cuteness as a selling feature haha. At the end of the day, we had someone come pick up the stuff that didn't sell, and we donated all the extra clothes to our favorite thrift shop. We get a 30% discount coupon when we donate, which is totally awesome when I know I'm going to be buying more jeans as I lose weight.

Day 10 - I was completely exhausted. I saw this as a day to recuperate from the last two days of major work.

Day 11 - Yep, still exhausted. Didn't do anything that day either.

Day 12 - I pushed through the pain and told myself to get off the couch. Hubs went to go pick up his step-sister, so I used the time to workout. I did 15 min of stretching, 15 min of boxercising, 10-15 min of balance games, and a 10 min barre3 session. This was the second time I've actually done a barre3 session, and I did it for two reasons. 1) I'm still paying for a membership, 2) My friend and inspiration Annie was in the video! Annie spent the last two years losing 80 pounds with barre3 and eating healthy. A couple of weeks ago she got the chance to participate in a new video, and it's free for everybody! You must check it out. It was a short, all-body focused session, and it was killer. Here's the link:

Here's the weigh-in results for the past week: The pic says that I lost 6.4 pounds. That's because the day after my first weigh-in at 251, it said I was up 3+ pounds. I'm not happy with the Wii scale right now, because after this weigh-in, the next game told me that my weight had changed from the weigh-in - JUST 5 MIN PRIOR. And the batteries are dying on my bathroom scale, and it said I was 265 last night. I'm trying not to focus on the scale. I want to focus on the results. But anywho, according to the wii, I lost almost 4.5 pounds in the past week. I do like that answer.

Today is Day 13. I haven't yet decided what I want to do for today's workout. I do know that we are eating mushroom ravioli for dinner. I'll have to work that off. I'm certainly going to do that barre3 video again!

(I'm also excited that I've made it to the double digits without giving up. That's a big deal. The next mini celebration is day 20. )

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  1. aw! thanks for the shout out!!! so glad you did the workout!!