Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Day 4 (take 2) - #GiveIt100

Since day 4 didn't have any exercise, I re-did it. I'm going to be keeping track of both the exercise days and the full 100 days. So day 4 redo was actually day 5. I'm going to notate it like this: 4(5). My hope is that this will be the only day that I don't stay on track, but if I should fall by the wayside, I'll just get back up and keep moving.

So what did I do for Day 4 take two? I did my first weigh-in via wii fit. I'm going to use it as my weight loss tracker for the challenge, mainly because it says I'm 10ish pounds lighter than my bathroom scale does. The result? Just shy of 251 pounds. Bathroom scale said 259.8 several days ago. I should have gotten on the other scale after I did this weigh in to get a firm answer on how off the results are.

Anyways, for my work out I did 30 minutes of strecthing, boxing and karate using the ExerBeat game. I forgot how fun it was, so I'm looking forward to getting back into a fun exercise routine. Eventually I want to make it up to an hour of working out, and I don't think that'll be too hard now that I'm finally motivated and willing to get moving again.

(On another note, this is my 250th blog post. I think I'll celebrate with more exercise!)

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