Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend Highlights

This past holiday weekend was eventful, to say the least. We had Thanksgiving at Dad's. My sister, Elle, was there too. Midway through dinner, We got from my mom. It said 'Memaw n hospital. Emergency surgery'. Memaw just had back surgery a month or two ago, and had been having problems with an infection near her surgical incision. She had already been to the doc and received antibiotics, which apparently weren't working. Thanksgiving Day, Papaw takes Memaw to the emergency room due to the pain she was in. They did an MRI and discovered an epidural abscess, an infection along the spinal cord. We left Dad's and headed to the hospital. They didn't end up doing the surgery until early Friday morning. They found that the infection wasn't as bad as they originally believed. She's still in the hospital because her blood count was really low. She's supposed to be moving to a rehab center in the next day or two so she doesn't have to recuperate in the hospital.

On the way to the hospital Thurs night, my other grandmother called me. I've talked about her before. I love her to death, but it drives me crazy when she calls the day before she's in town to say she's in town. I had plans to have my niece over for the weekend to help with the Christmas decorations. But... I couldn't take her with me to see Nana, so I had to cancel those plans. I always have to cancel plans for Nana... Anyways, she wanted to go shopping Sat morning, so we met at the mall, hopped in my Elle's truck, and went to Kohls. On the way there, Elle and I noticed that the transmission wasn't shifting gears like it should have been. She decided to drop us off at the store and go to a shop to get it looked at. She didn't even make it out of the parking lot, as the problem got worse. We ended up driving it to Auto Zone and replacing the speed sensor, as it was causing problems. Our hope had been that if we replaced the $22 part and it fixed the issues, then we could celebrate not having to spend $2k on transmission work. Thankfully, we were right. I did get two new pairs of shoes (the black plaid and red) that day, amongst the chaos that was the misbehaving vehicle.

Sat afternoon, after we got back from shopping and lunch, I find one of my littlest munchkins, Coconut, dead. After a long cry and a mouse burial, I didn't want to do anything else. I can't even remember if I made dinner that night. I think we just ate the leftovers from lunch. Sunday was a bore. I got some needed sleep, made some smoothies for Mom and Memaw, and watched tv.

Monday I ended up making several dishes for food this week. I roasted all of my butternut squash and brussels sprouts, and made a big bowl of quinoa.

I followed these recipes as a base:
Roasted Brussels sprouts and butternut squash: http://www.rudisbakery.com/gluten-free-post/vegan-gluten-free-and-dairy-free-holiday-recipes-by-gluten-free-vegan-comfort-food/

I also wanted to use the rest of the sweet potatoes I had cooked for cookies last week. I made Leann's awesome Quinoa sweet potato POW breakfast cookies, which I adore. Who wouldn't love cookies for breakfast?

I guess that's it for this weekend. How was your holiday?

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