Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Skipping Christmas and headed straight to New Year's

Holy crap, we're already at the end of this year? Where did the time go? Last year's resolution was to become a MILF. Or at least get my body prepared to start trying to get preggo with a donor in 2014. Yeah, that didn't happen. So I've made the next year's resolutions a little easier. I'm going to focus on becoming a happier me and organize/clean my house. Much less stressful than trying to put a numerical requirement or some awful restrictions on my life. I had hoped that we might be able to move out into a house this coming May, but I don't think that's going to happen, especially with the financial problems we've encountered this year. So I'm going to save that for 2015. It won't kill us to stay in the townhome for another year. In fact, it'll end up being the 2nd longest location that I've stayed in. It is kinda nice to not be moving every year or two. However, I might look into houses this year anyway, because I could get lucky. It can't hurt to look, right? And I can't get a second dog, which I want so badly, until we live in a different place, or get the house organized. I've got tons of projects strewn all over the house that I need to complete. I'll be glad when I get them done. I'll be glad to see my floor again, so I can cover it in glitter hahahaha

We're not doing anything special for Christmas. Actually, I didn't even get the stuff out of the closet this year. I've got a trunk full of new decorations that never got put up. I haven't wrapped any presents. I'm just going to give Hubs his gifts in the packages they were mailed in. I'm completely out of holiday cheer this year. But Hubs has been really sick this past week, including two trips to the doc and an x-ray. It's hard to be cheerful when you see your husband so sick. He lost 10 pounds between the doc on Sat and the doc this morning. He doesn't have 10 pounds to lose! He hasn't been able to eat or keep any liquid down. They had to give him a phenergan shot because he couldn't keep the pills down. I feel so bad, because I was the first one to get sick. He got it from me and it got much worse, really fast. I've been up and down with him every night since Friday. I can only hope that the new meds we got, which dissolve in the mouth, can help him. His throat is raw and quite painful. I've never seen him this sick, and it SUCKS. My checkbook doesn't like it either, but oh well. We'll survive, just like we always do.

What are you thinking about as a New Year's resolution?

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Here's a holiday video that brought a smile to Hubs' face :)

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