Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's that time of year... for doctors' appointments!

I had my bi-annual rheumatologist appt today. I have been waiting for it so I could inform the doc about how the meds I'm on were useless. Well, not completely useless. But the pain meds were just taking the edge off, making life barely tolerable. I didn't call and tell him about it a few months ago, because I really don't want to look like a drug addict. I know that I already look that way when the pills bounce around in my purse.

The conclusion is to increase the dosage of the pain killers I'm on. If that doesn't work, I'm headed to a pain management specialist that will just make my life more difficult, with strict limits, monthly appts, etc. He also wants me to workout. I know I need to, but I haven't done it. In order to have a little more energy so I can work out, he wants me to take Synthroid. I'm a little hesitant to start it, because I've heard that once you start it, you can't really go off of it. But I've also heard from friends that they've stopped needing it after they lost a decent amt of weight. So weight is what I need to focus on. Duh. I'm thinking that I could maybe try the synthroid for a couple of months, since it's such a low dosage, and see how it goes. If I don't like what it does (or doesn't) do, I'll talk to Doc to make another change.

On another Dr note... I was supposed to meet with my psychiatrist last week. Then the atmosphere decided we needed a few days of ice. Doc closed his office and cancelled 2 days of appts. I called to reschedule and I can't get in until New Years Eve. Thank goodness I didn't need any med refills, since I have to wait that long. I feel really bad for anyone that was cancelled that really needed meds.

On the bright side, the Victoria's Secret fashion show is tonight. I watch it every year. A few years ago they had this amazing set of wings covered in butterflies that I wanted to reach through the tv and steal. I can't wait to see all the wings tonight.

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