Wednesday, November 6, 2013

It's time for the 11th Soul Cysters Weight Loss Challenge! This time it's FREE!

Things are going to be different for this 11th Challenge. It is decided that this next challenge is going to be for FREE. However, that means that there will be no cash prizes. However, Soul Cyster Creations is offering 50% OFF one item from their store. (If anyone else wants to donate something they can just PM Soul Cysters Weight Loss Challenge)

Since it is FREE, we are going to let those who were in the last challenge stay in and we are opening up 5 spots to old contestants and 10 spots to NEW contestants. This way you can see what we do and just get some good motivation going for your weight loss.

Please answer the below questions to be considered. Please send them in a message via the SCWLC page. 

1) Why are you wanting to join the SCWLC?
2) When did you find out you had PCOS?
3) What is your current BMI (send height and weight as well so we can verify) This is because we do not want anyone joining that does not need to be losing weight.
4) What is your motivation for weight loss? How will this incorporate into being in the SCWLC?
5) Can you dedicate at least 20-30 min a week to posting pictures or responding to posts within the group?
6) What do you hope to get out of participating in this challenge?
7) What is your ultimate weight loss goal and how far away are you?
 Are you able to help encourage others through their weight loss journey? Can you be supportive to other Cysters in the challenge?
9)Are you willing to post your before pic (full body shot) and your weight? This is done in the private group and only those in the challenge will see it.
10) Can you agree to the rules and disclaimer of joining the SCWLC? The rules still apply we just are not winning money or paying fees this go around.

Make sure to share this with other Cysters who would like to join. Depending on how many we may consider more than 10. Just note that anyone who can not stay active or does not post their weigh-in or photo by deadline will be removed from group. We want those who want to take this seriously to join... Thanks for understanding!

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