Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Damn... I'm too young to be boring, aren't I?

I've been working on my Christmas wish list, now that Halloween is over. I'm not a huge fan of Thanksgiving - just another day to stuff our fat asses full of food. I don't need any more fat, so a holiday dedicated to eating is obviously not too appealing.

As I go through my wish list, I realized that I have gone from picking things I want to picking things I need. Practicality overwhelmed my personal desires. I guess that isn't bad, but it makes me feel boring. I have tons of wall shelving and storage baskets on my list. So boring! But I need to get my life organized, and more storage means more organization. (Well, maybe not so much, because I have tons of baskets and storage at home and haven't gotten around to using them properly.)

What I really need to do at this moment is go through the house and gather every empty storage container I have purchased, then figure out where they can go on my shelves. I told Hubs that I wanted to go for a week without TV to see what I could get done, so I'll start there. Just making the shelves look organized will likely give me a boost to start filling the baskets and I'll start seeing my floor again.

I found these awesome locker divider shelves that fit perfectly on some of my other shelving units, and they were on clearance so I bought a bunch. I already had some from a few years ago and I could pass them up at $2 a piece. They aren't really the right color, but they're going in a closet so it doesn't really matter to me.

Hopefully I can get some of this done and I'll be able to post pics of my success!

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