Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekends aren't supposed to be exhausting. That's what we have weekdays for.

This weekend was... eventful. I was sick and in bed til 6 pm on Sat. Got a call that my grandparents were selling my car - which meant that they cleaned it out. My grandfather has a tendency to just trash stuff without any regard to what it could be (just last week he recycled an entire box of important paperwork and MONEY of Mom's...) I had to scramble to get dressed and make sure that he wasn't selling my car for 20 bucks. Someone has been knocking on my grandparent's door every few days saying they want to buy it. I knew that if they kept coming back it was because no one would tell them what was wrong with it. Anyways, I get there Sat, wait for Mom to call the people, only to find out they wouldn't come til Sunday morning. So Sunday morning I drag myself out of bed, get to my grandparents house, and wait for the people. They get there, and after 30 min of looking at the car they decide it's not worth the money to fix. DUH. If it was, I would have fixed it!!! A new engine, or even a refurbished one, is too expensive for the car when I can go get a newer one for the same price.

The fun part of the weekend was playing with my new phone, because I finally got a smartphone. Hubs decided after playing with mine that he wanted the same one. We ordered his, as well as some awesome cases. Mine has polka dots, and it's a set of 4 so I can change them depending on my mood lol. I also worked in the yard, getting a small stone path and lots of pansies planted. Spike likes the path, it's just his size :)

This week I'm starting a new dinner plan. I've got tons of produce due to upgrading my share size from Urban Acres, and I really don't want them to go to waste. I've got lots of new recipes to try out, and I made sure they won't require a ton of prep, since I really can't handle that. The box came loaded with green beans, black eyes peas, tatsoi, sweet potatoes and lettuce, among others. And the asparagus was super cheap at the grocery store, so I got 3 bundles. We'll be eating a lot of veggies for the next week or two. I'm getting back on track now that I have a smartphone and can use apps. (I think I should look for a recipe one while I'm at it...) Dinner tonight is going to be quinoa with asparagus cream sauce and a salad. Yummy!

 I need someone to help me clean and organize my kitchen so I can make life easier. Eventually it'll get done. I did reorganize my freezer and put in wire shelves. Hubs opened it after I rearranged and he didn't have words. He was shocked when he opened it. It was hilarious.

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