Thursday, October 10, 2013

Organic vs Regular produce

I've learned some interesting things in the last few months. I wrote about my decision to join an organic produce program through Urban Acres. Every two weeks I get a bag of organic fruits and veggies. I've always loved fruits like nectarines, mangoes, apples and bananas. I didn't realize that I wasn't getting the true taste of these fruits until the program. I now know that organic produce tastes so much better. It has led me to the conclusion that I'm going to attempt to go as organic as possible with all of my shopping. I've hated the idea of bad pesticides, but I've let my wallet make the decisions. From now on, if buying organic means buying less, then so be it. After organic, I really don't think that I can truly enjoy my favorite fruits if they aren't organic. So this decision reinforces my previous desire to shop at farmer's markets for produce. I've wanted to adjust myself to eating produce in season, and that's the way to do it. This also forces me to learn new recipes and eat things I wouldn't necessarily eat otherwise. And I'm starting this Saturday, provided I get paid. It'll be an adjustment to get up that early on a weekend, but it's best for my health and Hubs'. Because one way or another, I'm going to get him eating healthy too. Otherwise he'll have to cook his own meals :)

I also want to use this opportunity to try out raw, paleo, vegan, vegetarian and clean meals. I found an awesome vegetarian cookbook on clearance at Half Price Books. It's got 350 recipes to try out. I've also still got my eMeals subscription that sends me meal plans every week. I've started changing the meal types every couple of months so I can try out lots of different plans.

I'm at my tipping point again. I don't want to weigh almost 260 pounds anymore. I want to be able to enjoy my life that way I was meant to. And it starts with food. I'm working on the exercise too, but baby steps are needed so my fibromyalgia doesn't flare up and land me back in bed.

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  1. I'm so with you!! Organic just tastes better. I also truly hope you have luck with barre3 and your fibromyalgia!! If you ever have any questions about it post on their company FB page and you'll get it answered!!!