Monday, October 7, 2013

OMG It's October!

It's October :) My favorite month of the year. I love it more than March, when most of my family's birthdays are. why?

1) The weather has cooled off and we can hang out outside without baking.
2) I finally won Hubs' full attention - 6 years ago.
3) Our wedding anniversary of 4 years :)
4) I get to decorate the house for Halloween!
5) Our favorite holiday of the year! HALLOWEEN!
6) Our wedding anniversary - on Halloween!

Did I mention that I love Halloween? I picked up a few more skeletons because Senor LazyBones, our first skeleton, was lonely. I added a glittery skeleton named Mr. Ritz. I have two more that have yet to be named. Last year we bought Skully, a skeleton flamingo. Sadly, there was only one, and Hubs was upset. When I found another one a few weeks ago, Mulder joined our family. Hubs was very happy, and surprised!

Since this is such an important month, I've decided to make goals in 3 different categories.

- Clear the dining room table
- Eat at the dinner table with Hubs at least two nights a week.
- Spend at least 30 minutes a day on my porch - tending plants, sitting on my bench, playing with Spike, whatever.

- Reinstate Saturday date night. TV is not allowed.
- Make sure to say 'I love you' more than I do already, which is a lot!

- Quit coffee and replace it with water
- Start walking around the pond again.

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