Tuesday, October 8, 2013

It's still illegal to strangle someone, isn't it?

Over the weekend, Hubs got into a confrontation with a neighbor. I've written about her before - she bitched at me for not working while my rheumatoid arthritis was at its worst. Her reasoning? "I worked full time as a waitress while doing chemo for breast cancer and I was all alone!" (prev post Understanding)

Since that incident, I have stayed away from her completely. I don't need someone that toxic in my circle of friends.

This weekend, Hubs was hanging out with some neighbors when the aforementioned person joined. It was obvious that she had been drinking. She proceeded to grill Hubs with questions like 'You don't have a job, you stay at home all the time, what the hell does Lynne see in you? Why is she staying with you?'

Since I've been back on my bipolar meds, I haven't been getting angry. But hearing this as Hubs told me, I was pissed. Mainly because my decisions and reasoning for staying with MY HUSBAND are MINE alone. It shouldn't matter to anyone else. But I was mad for more than just her asking the question. It was the grilling. She wouldn't leave him alone and kept asking him. The other neighbors did everything they could to stay out of it, even though she kept trying to drag them in.

I realize that there are plenty of people in the world that believe they are right and everyone else is wrong, and this is a good example of a person like this.

This reminded me of the first time I met Hubs' grandfather. He had no problem getting in my face and telling me I was an idiot to be in a relationship with a man that didn't have a job. And he did it on Thanksgiving, in front of the rest of the family. I'll admit that there are relationships that my friends/family have that I just don't understand. So maybe I have no right to criticize someone else for judging me. But I don't get in their faces and tell them they are an idiot, or pressure them to give me an answer on why they are in it.

Wow, it's nice to get those feelings off my back, and for someone else, other than Hubs, to hear them. Now I'm going to walk off the rest of my frustrations with Mom and Hubs and take pretty pictures of the sunset at the park.

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