Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Making the days at work go by faster...

I don't know why I've gone so long without doing this...

I've always known that I write a lot more code much faster if I'm listening to music. The only problem had been that if everyone is in the office, streaming music from the internet slowed everyone else down. Although my laptop is out of commission, all of the music I had on it is on our backup external hard drive (If you have a ton of important data and don't have a backup hard drive, eventually much sadness will enter your life. Like mine when the dog ripped a cord out and crashed a massive hard drive.) I was going to put music on a flash drive, but Mom was already on her way to pick me up, so I wouldn't have time to pick and choose what I wanted to take with me. It finally hit me today to bring the whole dang hard drive with me to work, transfer all my music, and then I can listen to it all the time with absolutely no issues affecting my coworkers.

Yep, I'm really good at making things hard for myself. I don't know why I'm so bad at thinking of logical solutions like this. Now I have to find another problem to ponder over for forever. I'm taking suggestions :)

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