Thursday, August 15, 2013

Trying this menu thing again

I've mentioned it already, but I have no car. I think it'll do me some good, though. I'm going to start walking to the grocery store a few times a week, buying only what is needed to make meals for a few days. This will allow me to get exercise - about 1 mile at a time, and keep produce fresh so it doesn't get lost in the fridge. I'm still using the organic food service from urban Acres, and I'll use it to plan some of my weekend meals.

I have to change my life. I have to get healthy. I need to focus on wellness. I WILL succeed.

I keep saying that I'm going to change, but haven't done anything about it. But I can either say I want to do it, or actually do it. I need to shave my legs and hit the pool. I need to walk to the grocery store instead of asking my mom for a ride. I'm going to pull my yoga mat out of the closet (I'm a bit ashamed that it got put in there in the first place...)

I know I sound like a broken record. "I'm going to do this. I'm going to do that." But I haven't done it. So I'm going to keep saying I'll do it until I actually do it.

I'm starting with my menu and grocery plan. I should get paid tomorrow, and I'll head to the grocery store tomorrow night to get the needed ingredients for the rest of the weekend. Then, Sunday, I'll go to the store that evening and get groceries for Mon - Thurs. And it'll be a repeating cycle. Every Thursday and Sunday I'll go grocery shopping. That guarantees 2 miles of walking a week.

And I'm going to start bringing my lunch to work - and reheating it in the break room so I can do laps while waiting on it. Yesterday I speed-walked 1000 feet - 1/5 of a mile, in just 5 minutes.

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    Hi Lynne!! Head to my blog and see my favorite menu planning page!! You could write all the food you get for the week on the bottom and then plan the meals at the top. Sometimes it's all about the planning!!