Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Doctor... Doctor Who? A.K.A. Damn you, Netflix :)

Oh, the hardships of having no cable TV... We decided that we were paying way too much money for cable, when there were only a handful of channels we watched. Of course we couldn't get the basic cable, because it was missing half of the channels we wanted. So I cut it off completely. And I'm so glad I did. We upgraded our internet service, bought a year of Xbox Gold membership, and subscribed to Hulu Plus and Netflix.

Although we have decided to cancel our Hulu subscription, we love Netflix. Hulu is great for current shows, but Netflix is awesome because we can watch an entire series. When it first came out, I LOVED Alias. It was a spy show starring Jennifer Garner. My mom and I used to watch it every week. But Hubs had never heard of it! Seriously, he lived under a mountain. At least when it came to TV. So we watched all 5 seasons of Alias. We decided that instead of watching various shows all at once, we would choose a series and watch it all before switching to a new show. Except I watch TEDTalks when Hubs isn't around.

After we finished Alias, we started on Doctor Who. Previously, I had never seen an episode of Doctor Who. And I can't believe I waited so long. I love it. Rose (Billie Piper), one of the Doctor's companions, we knew from a show we loved called Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Of course that just made us more excited about the show. There's a lot I would love to say, but I wouldn't want to spoil it for anyone. I can say, though, that the world is small. Just a day after we watched the first episode that featured the town/city of Cardiff, I received a request to make a card for someone that lived there. I mentioned what a coincidence it was, and I found out that not only did she live in Cardiff, but she was one of the people that worked on the team that was responsible for getting some of the shows filmed in Cardiff! That was definitely an awesome moment. And I got to share that with a coworker that is a Doctor Who fan - and of course, he thought it was pretty cool too.

Photo from http://www.bbc.co.uk

I'm torn as to which one is my favorite Doctor so far. They are equally funny in their own way. Hubs thinks that the one on the left, played by Christopher Eccleston, is his favorite, and I tend to agree. But David Tennant is awesome too. 

As for all the newer series shows that we don't get on Netflix, like Ink Master, CSI, and Grimm, well we just watch them via a website.

So I can honestly say that I doubt I will ever go back to cable television. This way is so much cheaper. and no commercials!

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