Friday, August 2, 2013

That figures...

Every once in a while I mention that I think Murphy's Law needs to be changed to  Lynne's Law. It strikes, yet again. Tuesday, the car died on Hubs when he was  coming to pick me up. He just barely made it into the parking lot before it  completely gave up.

We had a tow truck come get it, and decided that we'd start looking for issues on  Wednesday. We were attempting to check the fuel filter when we noticed that the  hose that connects the air box into the intake manifold and mass air flow sensor  and a huge crack in it. We had to go to the dealership to get the part because no auto parts store sells them. You'd think that such an important (and fairly simple)  part would be available there, but no.

So we replaced it. The car started!!! Yay! Then the knocking started. Damn. After  doing some online research and finding videos on YouTube of the same knocking  issue, we determined it was 1 of 3 things - a rod, piston or crankshaft problem.  All of which require taking the frikkin' engine apart. After several calls to  mechanics in the area, and lowest quotes going for $3500, we might as well get another car. I promised myself I'd get another Mustang, and I hope that I can make  good on that promise. But I need a vehicle, so I'll take what I can get. I don't  know where I am going to come up with the money, but I will. We always manage to figure it out.

I wish there were Groupons for cars.

On a much lighter note, I finished 4 cards last night, out of the 13 currently on  my list. I spent 3-4 hours working on them, and I was really happy when I was done. I didn't watch any tv, just listened to Hubs play video games. I didn't hurt much, which is always awesome. I really hope they like the cards. I made 2 for little kids, one for a teenager, and one for an adult. I'm doing a Dallas Cowboys themed one next, so I've got to start looking for pictures to print.

And.... I have friends coming over tomorrow night for a pot luck and the neighborhood's biggest water balloon fight! With temperatures in the triple digits, I figured water balloons would be a lot of fun :)

And.... I got my IFF hyperbolic geometry book! If I find time this weekend, and a crochet needle and yarn from my grandmother, I'm going to start making coral! I'm so excited to read and learn and craft!

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