Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Prepacked smoothies... I'm eating breakfast again!

Mom and I put together my smoothie packs last night. I have two weeks worth. It was pretty simple once we got organized. I bought freezer quart sized baggies - although freezer sandwich bags would have worked just as well. In each bag I put in:

- a banana (I get the almost too ripe ones on clearance at the farmer's market and freeze them)
- 1 cup of fruit, in this case, peaches and mangoes
- hemp protein powder
- probiotic powder
- spinach ice cube
- chia seed ice cube

The ice cubes were really easy to make. I added some water and a big handful of spinach into a magic bullet cup. I blended it up really well, then added more spinach and more water until I had a thick spinach mush. I spooned it out into an ice cube tray and stuck them in the freezer. For the chia seed, I put water in a bowl, poured some chia seeds in, and let them soak for 20-30 minutes. Soaked chia seeds turn into jelly. Then I blended them up with a little more water and spooned it into an ice cube tray as well. I think I ended up using 1/2 cup of chia seeds and 4-5 cups of spinach, to fill one tray each. I'm only planning on making two weeks of smoothie packs at a time, and it's perfect because that's how many ice cubes I get from each tray.

This morning, I pulled a bag out, dumped it in my magic bullet, added 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk, and blended the crap out of it until it was all mixed well. Yum!

As for replacements:
- You can add avocados instead of banana, or even yogurt! You can do the ice cube trick with the yogurt as well.
- Any fruit of your choice can be added.
- Use whatever milk or liquid to thin it out. I've used hemp milk before, but you could do soy, coconut, goat's milk, cow's milk... You get the point :)
- I highly suggest using a protein powder or your choice. It's good for you!
- I'll be adding kale to the next tray of spinach cubes, and you could add chard or any other greens you feel like adding.

In the past I've made chocolate covered cherry (cherries and chocolate flavored hemp oil), strawberry banana, nectarine... Get creative! Get seasonal fruits or buy frozen pre-packaged fruit.

Spending 20-30 min getting all of the bags prepped is totally worth it because it'll take less than 5 min to blend it all up in the mornings. Doing it yourself is also a lot cheaper than buying shake mixes like shakeology and visalus.

Are you going to try morning shakes? What are you putting it them?

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