Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Bucket List

I've done the 101 in 1001, 30 before 30, and now it's time to focus on my lifetime bucket list. I think it's easier for me to look at a list without a due date attached. Eases the pressure and potential feelings of failure. Although at some point I need to get used to setting deadlines for myself and actually following through with them...
  1. visit another continent
  2. go zorbing
  3. climb to the top of a mountain
  4. visit Machu Picchu
  5. spend the night in an underwater hotel
  6. spend a night in an ice hotel
  7. see Aurora Borealis
  8. see a show on Broadway
  9. write and self publish a cookbook
  10. run a 5k
  11. go sailing
  12. go deep sea fishing
  13. learn another language fluently
  14. go scuba diving
  15. ride in a hot air balloon
  16. go skydiving
  17. become a beekeeper
  18. read all of Dean Koontz's books
  19. become as healthy as possible
  20. become a big sister
  21. own a farm in the country
  22. Adopt a child
  23. swim with dolphins
  24. go on a yoga retreat in another country
  25. go to a TEDTalk conference
  26. go geo-caching
  27. Drive the entire Natches Trace in a convertible
  28. Eat at a Mario Battali restaurant
  29. Eat at a Cat Cora restaurant
  30. Eat at a Masaharu Morimoto restaurant
  31. Donate money to a KivaLoan
  32. Visit Yellowstone at least twice
  33. Make 100 cards for strangers (4 down, 96 to go)
  34. Watch baby turtles enter the sea for the first time
  35. Visit Salem, MA on Halloween
  36. Get my navel pierced.... again.
I'm sure that this is going to be an ongoing list... I'll find things I want to add or subtract from time to time, and I'll want to update it when I accomplished an item. We'll see how it goes :)

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