Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Goal 1 complete. Onto Goal 2.

I've mastered the first step back to healthy. My morning smoothies are really easy to make, and I'm getting a lot of nutrients that I previously was going without. My next goal is to start drinking lots of water again. I went off soda and coffee completely a few years ago, and although I have the occasional soda and lots of coffee, I still choose water most often. With the coffee - I'm not putting any sugar in it, just half and half. I'm pretty happy with myself for that. But I need to start drinking a lot more water than I used to. The latest recommendations are 1/2 of your body weight in ounces. For me that's twice the previous recommendation of 8 glasses of 8oz water - 64oz. I need to drink around 120oz. I have a 32oz cup sitting on my desk, so I need to drink at least two glasses full while I'm at work. That'll get me through half of my goal. Then I just need two big glasses at home, too. I can do that. For now, until I can come up with something cuter, I'll be putting rubber bands on my drinking glass, and remove one for every full glass I drink. I might get bored and color them, too. I'll make ice cubes tonight out of ginger and lemon so I can have different flavors and added benefits.

I'm going to work on this goal before I start a new one. It's less stressful that way.

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