Friday, July 5, 2013

That 3 pound thing in my skull...

I've always loved reading. My dad parents taught me how to read before I hit Kindergarten. My 2nd grade teacher told my parents that I was reading on a 6th grade level. No wonder I always hated it when we would take turns reading. I was the only one in the class that would get through my section without stumbling over the words.

When I was in middle school and we had to start writing book reports, I always had to beg my teacher to let me choose a book from home instead of from the school library because none of them were ever interesting enough for me. I've done reports in 7th grade on Tom Clancy books. Eventually my teacher just gave up and let me do whatever I wanted to do.

My first Dean Koontz book was Sole Survivor. I loved it. Then I bought False Memory. I was hooked. I will continue to purchase Koontz books until I have a copy of every single one he has written. I currently have roughly 50 books of his, and most have been read. Thankfully I always seem to find him on the clearance rack at Half Price Books. I've reached a point where I have to take a list of the books I already own with me, because I've managed to acquire 7 duplicate copies of books I already have.

So I was lying in bed last night, reading Night Chills. Hubs is always amazed at how fast I read. I can go through a book in a few days - which is why I'm always having to buy more :) He asked me how I could get through them so fast. I joked that I used more brain power than he does. He laughed and said 'Of course you do. You're a woman. It's scientifically proven that women use more of their brains than men.' Sometimes I think that men use just as much brain power as women, but it's not the brain in their skulls lol.

He asked me what I would do if I could use 100% of my brain power. It's not something I've ever really thought about before, but the answer came to me quickly. I'd learn new languages, both computer and spoken. I'd solve the mysteries of the universe, prove or disprove string theory. I'd become a medical researcher and find cures to a lot of diseases. I'd find newer, cheaper ways to become eco-friendly. I'd take down companies like Monsanto, so we were no longer subjected to genetically modified foods.

I liked my answer, and I'd love to hear yours. What would you do if you could use 100% of your brain power?

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