Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Produce from a grocery store? That's so 20th century...

I've been looking into joining a local CSA (Community Sourced Agriculture) for a few years now. Joining one means that I'll get local, fresh produce every other week for a year. It'll help support local farms, and it'll mean less trips to the grocery store. But my main reason for joining one is to learn about seasonal produce, and force myself to try vegetables that I have never tried. Obviously if the box is full of onions, all of my friends and family will be receiving onions throughout the year.

I got an email from a local organic gardening group I'm in, discussing a CSA that has big dreams of becoming a large farm in the heart of the metroplex - so very cool. Although I disagree with it's location and will probably never visit the store, I was still very excited to hear about it. I checked out their website -

They have more options than another CSA I've been looking into, the start-up cost is lower, and the box prices are cheaper. I was half tempted to sign up right then, but I resisted, mainly because I wasn't going to be in town on the first pick-up date. (When I have money, I tend to spend it.) There was a Groupon link in the website, so I looked for a groupon. The ones that came up in a google search were expired, so I thought I'd put this whole idea on the back burner until we got home from vacation. I got on Groupon to see what other goodies I could find for Hubs and I - now that I'm getting back to normal, I want to get out and do things again, but I'm still cheap :)

And what was the first Groupon on the list? $39 Groupon to cover the $64 in start-up costs and the first $17 mini share from Urban Acres.


That's right, I bought it. This is a step in the right direction for my health. As I get back to normal, I am beginning to focus on my health again. Instead of trying to do everything at once, I'm easing into it this time. So, yay me!

No matter where you live, I encourage you to check your area for a CSA. Straight from the farm produce, in my opinion, tastes so much better than the uniform-looking produce at the grocery store. Or maybe you can grow your own vegetables.

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