Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Power words

One of my Happify activities for the week is to determine my power word. Well, what is a power word? I know what a power word is when updating my resume, but that's not what the activity is about. A personal power word is a single word or short phrase that is used to inspire yourself when times are rough, things aren't going the way you want them to, you feel like a failure, you feel like giving up. I've dealt with a lot of those feelings, as I'm sure most other people have. It's a fact of life - life isn't fair, and it certainly isn't perfect.

I think a power word should tug at your heartstrings, feel like little piece of bliss, make you smile, and give you a boost of confidence. I don't think it's something you can just come up with one day. It's a word that resonates with you every time something doesn't go your way. It's a word that some people will tattoo on themselves as a constant reminder. I've seen tattoos of 'believe', 'hope', 'love', etc.

So what's my word? I don't know. I know it's not any of the usual ones chosen by the rest of the world. But I can come up with some words that could potentially be my power word later on in life.

Authentic - Just be myself. No one can take that away from me, and I shouldn't take it away from myself.
Clarity - See things as they are, not as I expect or hope them to be.
Fight - Don't let anyone take away what I believe in. Don't let stupid crap take away from my personal desires. Don't give in when my health tries to break me.

This topic is going to be in my head for a while, as I determine how I want to live my life.

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