Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July Goals

Holy crap it's July. June went by way too fast, and ended with very little success in the goal department.

June's Goals:
- Exercise at least twice a week - Nope
- No more donuts!!! If I can cut out coffee and soda, I can cut out donuts. - I switched from donuts to apple fritters. I don't count this as success lol
- Shop for produce at farmer's market at least once - Nope. 
- Organize the office so I can have a craft day with my niece - We used the living room floor instead.
- Have dinner at the dining table at least 3 times a week - Nope. Still can't even see my dining table.
- Buy a yoga membership and USE IT. I figure that if I buy it, I'll feel obligated to use it. - Didn't buy it.
- Volunteer to make sandwiches for the homeless! - Nope. 

I completely bombed June's goals. But that's ok. I'm just going to start over.

July Goals:
- Stop eating apple fritters.
- Participate in the Soul Cysters Weight Loss Challenge fitness programs at least twice a week
- Enjoy my vacation
- Hang a wall shelf in the dining room so I can get rid of a bookshelf.
- Reorganize all of my books into one bookcase instead of 3. - DONE! Hubs helped me do this last week :)
- Get back to eating gluten free

I've already started working on some of my goals, so I'm certain I can complete them this month. What are your goals for the month?

Monthly Goals


  1. July is a brand new month. June pretty much sucked for everyone. Good luck!

  2. Stop eating apple fritters? Lol why?? That sounds amazing! Does your city have a book drop? Some cities have turned old magazine and newspaper bins into a place where you can put your old books in there and pick up another book that someone left :)

  3. @Bethany- I'm mildly allergic to gluten, so apple fritters, while freakin' awesome, make me sick.
    I've got some neighbors who like Koontz too, so I'm going to see if they want any. Then I'll take them to the library. They've got an ongoing book 'sale'. All the proceeds benefit local charities, so I'm going to donate the books to them.