Monday, June 24, 2013

A weekend out of bed

This past weekend was nice. We were productive at home and spent time with family. Saturday Hubs and I hit up Home Depot for a shovel and some plant stakes. We came home with a grill. It's not a big one - just a $17 Charbroil charcoal grill - but it's ours. We can cook on it anytime we want. Our new goal is to learn how to grill. When we got back home, we started working on the yard. When we first moved in, I was excited about the rose bush that came with the place. But after 3 years of no blooms, I'm fed up with it and ready to use that space for my tomatoes. We bought the shovel to start digging it up. We have yet to succeed. It's like we are attempting to dig up a tree. I've never seen a rose bush so well rooted. But we'll keep working at it, because I really want my tomatoes in the ground! We got the grill put together, and were planning to cook a beautiful Angus steak we picked up. Hubs decided that he didn't want to screw the steak up, so we had a pizza instead.

We went to my dad's Sunday for a cookout. Swapped stories about work, cousins and life. We took the steak with us so Dad could show Hubs how to grill it. It turned out awesome. Probably the best steak I've ever had. I made a killer gluten-free, dairy-free, 'almost vegan' peach cobbler. I'm going to post the recipe at some point. I'll probably make another one this week with the rest of the peaches so I can post pictures.

I hope your weekend was nice as well!

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