Friday, May 31, 2013

Life would be boring without change

Sometimes things have to change, even if you don't really want them to. I've been feeling better, becoming more sociable, more productive. It's great, and I'm very happy about it. But as I was getting ready to volunteer again, I found it necessary to cut ties with my favorite organization. It's probably a good thing, because my focus won't be spread so thin. And it will give me an opportunity to find other organizations here in the area that need my help. Like Sandwich-Making Saturdays. There's a group that gets together on Saturday mornings to pack hundreds of sandwiches and cookies for the homeless. I'm good at making sandwiches :)

I need to focus on myself anyway. My paychecks are starting to get bigger because I've been able to work more hours, full-time instead of part-time. So I can start getting back into the mindset that I can afford what I want instead of just what is absolutely necessary. I will be going back to yoga classes, joining the Soul Cysters Weight Loss Challenge again, eating healthier, walking more, and a billion other things to get back on track and headed towards a new me. I need it. Hubs needs it. My family needs it. So I'm doing it!

And a new long-term goal is to be able to move around the country whenever we want. It means that at some point I won't have my current job, but I'm not leaving anytime soon. I'll start looking for contract jobs when I have some savings built up. Until then, I'll settle for weekend road trips with Hubs and yoga retreats with my bestie, Kat :)

And I have a new June goals list coming tomorrow!

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