Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Starting Fat Ass Friday, Again.

I need to talk about weight a little. I got on the scale today because I knew I had gained weight. There's no way I hadn't, considering the number of donuts consumed in the last month or two. When the really good ones are only 50 cents a piece and you have no self control, it's hard not to be surprised. My lowest weight in the last year was 225. I'm back up to 242, and I almost started crying. But yesterday I put on one of my favorite shirts, straight out of the dryer, and realized it has never fit me so loosely. Hubs said he's been trying to tell me I've lost inches. Apparently when we got together, he could barely touch his fingers together during a hug - I know how that feels because I couldn't feel my fingers when I hugged my ex. He said that now he can almost interlace his fingers during a hug. It made me feel really good.

So, screw the scale. I'm going to focus on measurements instead. My new best friend Kat is doing that too. She already threw her scale away. I don't think I can part with mine just yet, but I'm not going to use it as an accurate picture of my body health. Compared to a lot of others, I really don't look like I weight as much as I do. I know people who weigh 40 pounds less and aren't anywhere close to fitting the same sizes as I wear.

So I'm going to start participating in the Fat Ass Friday link up again, but I'm not focusing on weight - rather, how much I worked out.

You can join me and the other ladies!

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