Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lighting a fire under under my ass...

Today I got the news I had been expecting/dreading for the last few weeks. My bosses want me to start working more hours, and getting in earlier. I completely understand where they are coming from. I need to be more dependable. I partially blame my medications. When I take them at night, they make me sleep like a rock. To the point that a dozen alarms don't help at all. I have decided to take my meds much earlier at night to see if that helps. I figure it will. I've been staying up late so I can spend time with Hubs, but it's causing issues with work. If I start working earlier in the day, I'll have more time in the evenings with him. So if I have to spend a few nights without his company, so be it. It's what is best for us right now, and sometimes we have to make sacrifices.

I have also enlisted the help of some friends to blow up my phone in the mornings. I'm going to find the most annoying ringtone I can and set it for these friends.

So we'll see in the next week or two if I can succeed. Otherwise I'll have to start looking for another job and I don't see that going so well.


  1. How's the working earlier going for you??

  2. It's working out great. I get more work done, I get home earlier, and in general I get paid more lol.