Monday, November 12, 2012

DIY Threaded Art Project

I don't remember if I found this on Pinterest or StumbleUpon - but either way, I decided I had to do it. This came from the Honey & Fitz blog. She used cork board, and if you value your time and sanity, I'd go with cork too. But I had black shelves from a collapsed bookshelf laying around, and I kept them because I figured I'd eventually use them for something. Here's her project:

Isn't it beautiful? I ended up choosing the word 'Passion', and I wanted to do it in red to match our living room. This project ended up costing right at $5. The nails were 97 cents per box and I got 2, and the crochet thread spool was  $2.97. I bought my supplies at Walmart. I already had the black shelf, a hammer and tape. Be very careful with your fingers if you are using a hammer. About 2/4 of the way through the hammering, my husband got the idea to hold the nail with pliers so I'd stop smooshing my fingers. I just wish we had thought of it earlier! 

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